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Posted at 06/11/2018 03:31 PM by Chris Stump

Whether your goal is to build on your current investment portfolio, start investing in real estate, or simply purchase a second home, there’s no better place than Orlando, Florida.

As a resident of Orlando for over 10 years and a real estate agent helping investors and families who just want to buy a second home, I’ve seen the growth of this “City Beautiful” and I’ve seen the numbers in value, appreciation, and ROI. All of these factors combined provide a clear message: It’s time to buy in Orlando!

According to Forbes, Orlando is the number 1 best investment location in the United States for 2018. With a population growth of 7.6% in the last 3 years and job growth of 7.1% it’s easy to see why.

Here’s the top 5 reasons why making Orlando your investment target makes the most strategic sense for you, your wallet, and your future. 

1. Population Growth

Orlando is known for its warm climate, close proximity to beaches, and of course the theme parks. These are major draws for job seekers, retirees, and students. Orlando is home to two major universities and exciting new developments like the Creative Village in downtown Orlando is sure to bring in more people.

Orlando is attractive for its high quality of living at a reasonable cost and the welcome absence of no state income tax. Theme parks are expanding, which means more tourists throughout the year and more need for workers.

There’s growth everywhere and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon.

2. Booming Economy

Orlando’s employment growth is better than most US markets, making the real estate market a strong and stable environment. Good job growth ensures qualified tenants who are capable of paying rent regularly. That equals positive cash flow for you. Also, in better job markets there’s the opportunity for a rent premium which can provide you with a higher rate of return on investment. 

3. You Have Multiple Options in Investment Opportunities

Orlando is a land of lakes, historical neighborhoods, theme parks, and vacation homes. There are a variety of property types to choose from that can fit your budget. Condos and townhomes held a median sale price of $170,000 and single family homes held a median sale price of $265,000 according to April 2018 statistics. 

Orlando vacation homes for sale start from the low $100s for a resale and mid-$200s for new construction. This is a great investment opportunity if you want a second home or a place to be able to stay when you visit Orlando. Why not purchase an Orlando vacation home and take advantage of putting it in a rental program? An Orlando vacation home for sale can be perfect for AirBnb, a business that has truly helped many novice investors build their real estate empire. 

Whether you want a lakefront property, starter home, historic home, condo, townhome, or short-term rental, Orlando has options galore.

4. Millennials are Driving Orlando Real Estate

Orlando is one of the top 6 cities with the largest percentage increase in the influx of millennials. Due to the strong job market, low housing costs, and high appreciation, Orlando makes a great location for young entrepreneurs.

Millennials most certainly are the ones driving the growing economy here in the future. If you’re an investor or entertaining the idea, now’s the time to invest in Orlando real estate before missing out on big profits. 

5. Appreciation

Real estate investments tend to appreciate higher in Orlando than in other US housing markets. In looking at the numbers, home values in the last year have increased on average by 9.3%. Three year appreciation numbers show 40% in some cases. 

Don’t you think it’s time?

If you’re considering investing in real estate, Orlando is a great contender. It’s a hot market here and you can be confident that you could find a home to bring you a great rate of return on your investment. Whether it’s an Orlando vacation home for sale or a long-term investment, you’ve got great options. 

Many often wonder, is now the right time to buy? Well, there’s never a wrong time to buy real estate. Take the leap or maybe just a small step and reach out to me to learn more. Orlando is growing, and it’s an exciting time for this city. As more people move here there is a need for places to live. You can provide for that need and create for yourself passive income and a positive cash flow.

I’ve helped investors from around the country find a property here to create their investment portfolio or expand on it. I’ve helped provide the numbers to make sure the property they purchased was a solid opportunity. As Orlando’s vacation home agent, I can help you discover the world of vacation home ownership, building on my expertise and knowledge in assisting others with purchasing a vacation home and a home to make their AirBnB. Check out the best vacation home communities near Disney.

If you have an investment property elsewhere and want to cash in on the opportunities here, learn how to defer taxes on the sale of your investment when you purchase one or more properties here. Check out my post on 1031 exchanges here

Orlando’s market is hot. It’s time for you to ride that heat wave, fan the flames, and make your mark in the Orlando Real Estate Market. Give your financial future a chance, grow your portfolio, and let me help you invest in the United States’ no. 1 city.

Call, Text, or email me today for your consultation. You’re one step away from concierge-level service.

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